Victor Hugo in a sentence

Victor Hugo has faithfully kept his word.

There was once a wave that was Victor Hugo‘s wave.

And whatever he did he shouldn’t neglect Victor Hugo .

But even better than the musical is Victor Hugo‘s masterpiece.

In 1862 Victor Hugo published “Les Misérables”.

Thousands more, including Victor Hugo , went into voluntary exile abroad.

Victor Hugo‘s novel has been adapted to film on numerous occasions.

The worship of God Property is the religion of Victor Hugo .

Besançon is noted as the birthplace of the writer Victor Hugo .

Victor Hugo was in Spain accompanying his father in 1811 and 1813.

Intermingling the life of Victor Hugo with the fictitious plot.

Victor Hugo called me sister , Béranger called me Muse .

Right: Victor Hugo , ink blot, about 1855.

In the first place, the romantics, particularly Victor Hugo .

Among the luminaries who judged were Victor Hugo and Alexandre Dumas.

Victor Hugo will have to confirm .

Toulon figures prominently in Victor Hugo‘s “Les Misérables”.

Writers such as Victor Hugo and Honoré de Balzac were widely influential.

They were also mentioned in Victor Hugo‘s poem “Mentana”.

An episode famously used later by Victor Hugo in “Les Misérables”.

Victor Hugo , “Quatrevingt-treize”.

The show featured a new set of original pictures painted by Victor Hugo himself.

Napoleon figured in Victor Hugo‘s 1862 classic “Les Misérables”.

History and humanity collide in this musical adaptation of Victor Hugo‘s immortal tale.