via in a sentence

He went to London via Paris.

They flew to Japan via Hawaii.

epoKiu estas via sangogrupo?

Blood is delivered to the brain via the arteries.

Computer viruses are often passed via floppy disks.

She traveled from Boston to San Francisco via Chicago.

We heard the news that my aunt had died via my grandparents.

Our flight to San Antonio went via Seattle and Salt Lake City.

epoTrankvile lasu al mi la zorgon pri la kateto dum via foresto!GrizaLeono
They entered the U.S. by boat via the Great Lakes.

I went via Beijing of necessity because there wasn’t a direct flight.

E-mail has become a very popular way of exchanging messages via the Internet.

E-mail has become a very popular way of exchanging text messages via the Internet.

People throughout the world were able to see the concert via satellite transmission.

The concert was watched via satellite by an audience estimated at over 50 million people.

I always ride my bicycle home via the cycling trail because it has such beautiful scenery.

Our flight to Japan went via Seattle, Los Angeles, and Honolulu before finally reaching Tokyo.

Ireland’s first human inhabitants arrived from Scandinavia via Scotland around 6000 B.


The Korean martial art of taekwondo cultivates character via physical and mental training.

You can send mail to me via my uncle because I’ll be in regular contact with him while I’m travelling.

In Sweden, one third of the population has access to the Internet, via their telephones and computers.

Computers have allowed many people to work out of their home, communicating with their colleagues via e-mail and the Internet.

Evidence suggests that the earliest peoples came to the two American continents at least 12,000 years ago, probably via the Bering Strait.