Vessel in a sentence

He was coughing so hard that he burst a blood vessel in his throat.

The ship carrying illegal migrants was escorted into the harbor by a military vessel.

The battleship was escorted into the harbor by a number of protest vessels.

Human blood vessels are made of very flexible, fibrous tissues.

With all the sailboats, fishing boats, charter boats, seaplanes and whale-watching vessels, the harbor is really becoming crowded.

The Titanic was a massive vessel, the biggest in the world at that time.

A number of American naval vessels are stationed about ten miles offshore, ready to intervene in the conflict if called upon.

Whenever Arnie gets angry, you can see a blood vessel pulsating in his forehead.

The divers were able to salvage millions of dollars of fine champagne from the sunken vessel.

If all the blood vessels in the human body were stretched end to end, they would form a string capable of going around the planet.