venturing in a sentence

Venturing further they encounter an entity known as The Creator.

Today, Teetonkah is available for use by Boy Scout troops and venturing crews.

MadCap is constantly arranging adventuring parties to go in search of the ChaosRock.

While venturing in a forest, Kirby falls into a cave, in the game you try to get out.

I am venturing to send to you under another cover several of these official documents.

Later expansions introduced more options via Spellbooks, Spells, and Adventuring Companies.

2) 41 Daimon and Patsy retired from adventuring, and Daimon went on a personal quest for meaning.

Theatre of Tragedy’s third album Aégis in 1998 saw the band “venturing into fresh musical territory”.

venturing deeper and deeper into the dungeon, Gil finds Skulld and Ki on the bottom level of the dark ruins.

In the aftermath of the incident private vehicles were stopped from venturing in to the tiger and lion safari.

Youth training Youth training in venturing consists of a Crew Officer Briefing, conducted by the Crew Advisor.

Juveniles and females spend most of their time inside these burrows, with males venturing out more frequently.

Brandobaris Brandobaris (bran-doe-bair-iss) is the halfling deity of Stealth, Thievery, Rogues, and Adventuring.

The Sierra Nevada mountains lie to the East, with Chico’s city limits venturing several miles into the foothills.

Although Caramon Majere had retired from adventuring, he did have one more important part to play original research?

Venturers who wear the official venturing shirt or blouse should wear the proper insignia as outlined in the Insignia Guide.

In venturing such journeys, the discovery and realization that ‘good things consistently happen’ can be a life-changing outcome.

After the goblins decided to form an adventuring party, Thaco decided to become a monk because of their ability to escape from bonds.