venerable in a sentence

The plan also called for the removal of the venerable and accident-prone liquid fueled Titan II from use.

His venerable mother was a pious devout, an abstinent and she was very religious-minded and god-fearing.

The venerable Russian Hall was booked; lots of Liberal riding members were expected.

But despite the club’s venerable name, Inter is no longer a top address in European football.

As it stands, the venerable warbird is only surviving year to year and may soon be eliminated.

In Germany the pitch was tweaked to promote the venerable drug’s efficacy relieving headaches.

Shipper Orbital ATK is using another company’s rocket, the venerable Atlas V, for this grocery run.

We chuckle at the notion now — one of the rare times that even the venerable Franklin was off-base.

“But the iPlayer is now more than seven years old – which makes it venerable in digital time-scales.

46. It’s appellation nation All venerable nicknames, but the longtime favorite is the Little Red Dot.