valiant in a sentence

His valiant efforts should not go in vain.

In his seminal work valiant L. G. valiant.

Its initial powerplant was a valiant Slant Six.

These valiant souls go down defending their home.

Regards valiant as central to the future of Camelot.

As Arthur and valiant struggle, Merlin uses the spell.

Let us recruit a force of valiant soldiers, they said.

Meanwhile, Morgana has a dream in which Arthur is killed by valiant.

The “valiant” fender badges and “Plymouth” grille logotype were deleted.

He related the story of the valiant efforts made by Mynarski to save him.

Mentors Arthur and valiant through direct counsel and cryptic suggestions.

The final attack is valiant Smasher, discharging a beam from all gunports.

Loves valiant for a long time before being courted by Michael of Northland.

Such young men are called Veerkumaras (or veerakumararu) valiant young men.

Toad appeared in the Super Mario Bros. comic books published by valiant as well.

He died there in Onate Hall despite valiant efforts of the volunteers to save him.

Army, died peacefully in his sleep after a valiant struggle with prostate cancer.”

Back then, him and the army were valiant warriors that fought to the end for RaDos.

This connection is one of the reasons why valiant‘s theorem is considered important.

She was held in great esteem in Chile, as being a valiant woman and a great captain.

valiant Comics was purchased by video game giant Acclaim Entertainment for $65 million.

He left his cattle, took up arms and became a valiant chief of war, obtaining celebrity.

The geographer described inhabitants of Talkhiz as “brave, martial, and valiant people”.