vague in a sentence

Our privacy laws are vague and ineffective.

The text was vague and had internal contradictions.

There had been a deliberately vague telephone call.

The border remained vague throughout the 19th century.

Every vague lead had drawn a blank.

The high street side also seem vague .

The disclosures to regulators were similarly vague .

Now pulling tricks with vague algorithm patents ?

But the coach has otherwise been vague .

Written expectations for successful job performance are often intentionally vague .

The tip is too vague to warn health officials.

The vague claim is simply not clear.

Her smooth black eyes were vague and innocent.

It was particularly vague around the edges.

John’s gospel is deliberately vague here.

What exactly Jesus is predicting here is vague .

Her readings are very detailed, rarely vague .

There was a vague similarity between those faces and hers.

The history of the original water tower is somewhat vague .

The meaning of “facilitation” is broad but vague .

Moreover she finds the above categories vague .

vague statement of principle papers over policy disputes.

None the less the overall evolutionary picture remains vague .