Upset in a sentence

use Upset in a sentence

She looked very upset after the meeting, so I braced myself for the expected bad news.

My husband and I were very upset when we found out our son was being picked on by a bully at school.

The young girl was held captive by her father, who was upset because he felt he wasn’t getting enough chances to see her since he and his wife divorced.

Tracey is a chronic worrier that gets upset about everything.

The young boys’ mother was upset over their coarse language.

Parents are upset that a number of schools will be closed down as the government moves to consolidate rural schools in order to cut costs.

Bobby was so upset on his first day of kindergarten that he crouched behind the piano and cried all morning.

The child was demonstrably upset after losing the race, and had to be comforted by his mother.

Women’s groups are extremely upset at the frequent depiction of women as sex objects in music videos.