uproot in a sentence

The tornado left behind uprooted trees, destroyed houses and overturned cars in its path.

Katherine Lauriente says she is heartbroken that the tree will be uprooted.

But this must be matched by an equivalent civil response to uproot the problem.

The rails were uprooted, and the badly damaged engine was left standing upright.

700916 The conflict has killed more than 220,000 people and uprooted six million.

But to uproot a sick phenomenon like La Familia, pinpoint punishments are not enough.

The storm has killed several people, wounded many others, triggered landslides and uprooted trees.

We know that conflict and instability has now uprooted over 4.5million children in five countries.

What’s been uprooted is the notion the Broncos would collapse without Manning, the five-time NFL MVP.

The Emancipation set the stage for the agrarian revolution that uprooted the pre-revolutionary social order in 1917.