uproar in a sentence

The news of his “assault” on Parliament causes uproar in London.

This was followed by uproarious applause from the studio audience.

This has caused an uproar by some of Nintendo Australia’s customers.

In the show, her brand reveals her to be a murderess and causes an uproar in the venue.

This caused an uproar causing the ESPN analyst to supposedly apologize for his comments.

It is a humdinger of a story with Nero Wolfe and Archie Goodwin at their uproarious best.

Upon its return to Puerto Luis on December 29, 1832, the Sarandí found the colony in an uproar.

Despite this, Orlando signed the Treaty of Versailles, which caused uproar against his government.

The uproar following the cancellation of United States was nicknamed the ” Revolt of the Admirals “.

The incident has caused uproar in Russia with President Putin addressing the State Duma on army bullying.

Some butchers came to part the combatants and one of the bulls ran into the town, causing a great uproar.

This daring act of his led to a huge uproar in orthodox society and he was socially boycotted for a long time.

After hearing of the story from Merlin, the Dragon laughs uproariously at the thought of Uther marrying a troll.

This would have required extending the tax out nearly 50 years, causing a small uproar in Seattle-area politics.

The introduction of this card caused an uproar in Malaysian politics and is deemed discriminative by non-Muslims.

This decision caused an uproar within the Mummy franchise fan community as many felt that she was a poor replacement.

uproar broke out in the court, with supposedly neutral jurors shouting abuse at Laval, threatening “a dozen bullets in his hide”.

The trial was interrupted for the return of the guilty verdict for Haywood Patterson, which this time had not resulted in an uproar.

Because of her light construction and other faults, causing more than average time in the repair yard, she was nicknamed ‘uproarious’.