upbeat in a sentence

Her upbeat, positive attitude kept everyone from getting too worried.

The music of Africa is recognized worldwide for its complex rhythms and upbeat dance styles.

Her son has always been an upbeat and resilient child, Brazelton said.

Yet David remained upbeat, always “thinking globally, acting locally.”

However, Zimbabwe players were upbeat on Monday when they left Harare.

However, not everyone feels included in the neighborhood’s upbeat comeback.

Wen talked about enhancing bilateral cooperation and Okada was upbeat, too.

For all early-birds, our 8:30 a.m. service is an upbeat, traditional service.

72685 Asahi Suisan is an upbeat izakaya with a menu entirely devoted to seafood.

Adding to the upbeat tone, weekly jobless claims rose less than expected last week.

And Sundays are a blast, too, where they have a DJ spin some upbeat ’50s surf rock.

Consumers were upbeat about both current conditions and expectations for the future.

I suppose I was thinking of something a little more upbeat than human rights, though.

Rival Sturm, Ruger & Co. (RGR) also saw its shares pop about 4% on the upbeat sentiment.

The singer is generally known as inspiring and upbeat, but there’s also an angry side to him.

419051 It’s upbeat music blanketed in darkness, largely uninterested in feelings of joyful catharsis.

Fowler looked and sounded as upbeat as possible following a significant and season-ending knee injury.