unusually || in a sentence

We are in for an unusually hot summer this year.

I hear that you are having an unusually cold winter.

This autumn I am, unusually, watching many drama series.

The orange crop in Florida was damaged by unusually cold weather this year.

The unusually cold weather is a serious threat to the tourist industry this summer.

Our summer has been unusually hot this year and all the gardens around town have dried up.

unusually good weather this spring and summer promises an excellent harvest for farmers in the fall.

July in Seattle has been unusually cold and wet this year, and people are getting impatient to see the sun.

There has been a substantial increase in the number of forest fires this year due to our unusually dry weather.

There is a water shortage in this part of the state this summer due to our unusually low precipitation this year.

He points to an unusually long dry season that hit tea crops this year.

These colonies, which usually have about 75 members, are unusually foul.

The new products are backed by an unusually aggressive marketing campaign.

The media has described it as powerful”” and “”unusually reflective.

Lawmakers have been receiving an unusually large number of calls on the issue.

The prehistoric prints are not only big, said Englich, but also unusually deep.

Police said the death toll was unusually high because both vehicles caught fire.

More than halfway through the journey, we faced an unusually large patch of thaw.

Indeed, about 50 of the galaxies had unusually high levels of midinfrared radiation.

While health officials fear this will be an unusually bad year, it’s too soon to say.

Europe’s extremes gained, in part, because in 2015 the center was unusually feckless.

In both cases, that oil is an unusually concentrated source of omega-6, linoleic acid.

When they said goodbye, she remembered feeling a unusually strong sense of foreboding.

“This mega-wetlands system fostered unusually rich communities of aquatic prey species.

During an inspection, CBP officers “felt an unusually dense hand rail in each suitcase.”