unsuccessful in a sentence

All his endeavors proved unsuccessful.

The attempts were for the most part unsuccessful.

He commented on his unsuccessful business negotiation.

He tried unsuccessfully to domineer over his office workers.

The Liberal Party’s campaign has been quite unsuccessful so far.

Sony Corp.

made an unsuccessful bid to take over MGM Studios.

Attempts at domesticating these animals have been largely unsuccessful.

Bob Dole made an unsuccessful bid for the presidency of the U.S.
The original conviction for attempted murder was upheld in an unsuccessful appeal.

Find someone who can name an unsuccessful candidate in the most recent election.

The former champion has been unsuccessful in a number of attempts at regaining his title.

She tries every new diet fad that appears, but has been unsuccessful in really losing weight and keeping it off.

Tobacco lobbyists have fought unsuccessfully against the federal government’s plans to outlaw tobacco advertising.

Early attempts to teach chimpanzees to speak were unsuccessful because the animals lack the necessary vocal equipment.

The Japanese Emperor Juntoku was exiled to the island of Sado in 1221 after leading an unsuccessful revolt against the Kamakura shogunate.

Efforts to find a third country to accept them have been unsuccessful.

However, they were told last week they had once again been unsuccessful.

The move came on the back of unsuccessful negotiations in Riga last week.

A universal helicopter attempted to reach the woman but was unsuccessful.

CNN’s attempts to reach the creator of carlyfiorina.org were unsuccessful.

This was a three-year effort to create wrongdoing and it was unsuccessful.”

She was unsuccessful, but left her seat open once again for Vaughan to claim.