unscientific in a sentence

This is neither rocket science nor is it unscientific .

Doctors therefore relied on various unscientific treatments.

Terms relating to ethnicity are often unscientific .

The medical profession criticized this book as ” unscientific “.

It is unscientific to assert that miracles are impossible.

Such theories were according to him ” unscientific “.

Their unscientific advocacy is plain as day .

Under his influence, genetics was officially condemned as unscientific .

You’ve claimed this selection was made for unscientific reasons.

This is the most unscientific article have ever read.

He developed some strange, wild, unscientific ideas.

We seem to be an unscientific nation.

It’s amazing how unscientific and pathetic the whole field is.

That ecology was balanced became an unexamined and unscientific assumption.

You are free to criticise the unscientific nature of the claim.

Of course, these are my personal, unscientific observations.

Apart from being unscientific , racial prejudice became subject to international legislation.

The cited statement arguably is an unscientific overstatement of their position.

Psychoanalysis was increasingly criticized as unscientific or harmful.

Unsurprisingly an unscientific claim is outside the scope of science.

Such experiences which are unexplainable feel unscientific but not unreal.

This is a blatantly unscientific mindset, to say the least.

This does not mean they are wrong or unscientific at all .

Now do n’t mistake this as me being ” unscientific .

Sorry for my casual and totally unscientific use of genius.