Unscathed in a sentence

use Unscathed in a sentence


[verb] Not unharmed or injured;

Her younger sister Zeena, 4, survived the shooting unscathed and returned to Britain on Sunday.

Stifel was not unscathed by the financial crisis.

The Davis’ are two of 12 Canadians that made it off the sinking cruise ship unscathed.

Almost everyone got home unscathed.

A mother and her young son escaping unscathed from a fire in the home.

Germany, whose economy has appeared relatively unscathed by Europe’s debt problems, is likely looking at a period of weaker hiring.

Fortunately, he rode it smoothly and survived unscathed, to the rapture and applause of the crowd.

While the New York Exchange’s building appeared to be unscathed, many other offices in the vicinity were flooded.

Dimon has guided the bank relatively unscathed.