unsavory in a sentence

99194 “Before, I was naive enough to think that a political regime, a strong society, would never use unsavory means in legal cases.

But after watching The Hand That Feeds, it’s also hard not to associate Hot and Crusty with something far more unsavory: exploitative labor practices.

Bruno returns and realizes that he has lost control of the children and of their secret unsavory lives.

The next year Dr. Meyer wrote to a John Hopkins doctor calling Joseph Thompson ‘a clever, but unsavory psychoanalyst.’

Menéndez theorizes that such unsavory aspects are glossed over in the way one glosses over someone’s flaws when in love.

She found him mixed up with some very unsavory characters and hooked on drugs again after being clean for three decades.

He apparently anticipated trouble from some unsavory associates, and has asked them to ship his body home to St. Albans.

The Marsten House was the home of ’30s gangster Hubert “Hubie” Marsten, a hitman who specialized in rather unsavory hits.

He is still best friends with Robin and Much proves that he will always support his leader, no matter how unsavory the mission.

The Cumberland officials emphasize the predatory nature of the cannibalistic ghouls, and their unsavory appetite for human flesh.

She and her family were urban and educated, and not involved in what was generally seen as the unsavory world of blues musicians.

Generally the tasks assigned to the Bolverk are the most unsavory in terms of “normal” acceptance, i.e. having to kill a rogue member.