unsafe in a sentence

I would never admit you and your unborn baby to an unsafe hospital.

In my mind, the situation was unsafe, and I just left, he continued.

Only if a product is later found to be unsafe can the agency ban it.

The 1050 LED lamps were also found to be unsafe and were re-exported.

Once they have arrived at camps, the conditions facing them are unsafe.

Aside from the discomfort, Vrieling said she and others also felt unsafe.

It made me feel kind of unsafe that this thing got into my food.”””

It will also tackle unsafe areas for cyclists, like 40th and 16th avenues.

The outbreak has been since been attributed to unsafe injection practices.

It would look like a disaster hit, but that doesn’t mean the room is unsafe.

In just over two minutes, temperatures inside a vehicle reach unsafe levels.

Both issues, the agency said, did not create unsafe conditions for Boeing workers.

He eventually left the country because he felt so unsafe after what happened.

No student on our campus should feel unsafe, ostracized, or threatened, Hurley wrote.

Recoilless rifles and autocannons were also attempted but they pushed early fighters to unsafe limits while bringing negligible returns.

Within 18 months of filming the structure had been declared unsafe and was partially demolished leaving only the chimney stack standing.

In June 2006 the Court of Appeal upheld the murder conviction, saying there was nothing unsafe about the verdict returned against George.

In the harsh winter gales of 1966 the girls were sent home from school when strong gusts broke glass panels, rendering the building unsafe.

Jackson 1987, p. 56. There was some controversy (especially in American service) that this placement of the fuel tank was inherently unsafe.

Most people only feel unsafe when they go out late at night but people in the Near West Side feel like that all day, even in their own homes.

The United States During colonial times apple cider was consumed as the main beverage with meals because water was often unsafe for drinking.

Edney interfered with the investigation in order to prevent any findings that the Navy had knowingly operated an unsafe ship in an unsafe manner.

Type-safe and type-unsafe languages Type safety is usually a requirement for any toy language proposed in academic programming language research.

The air station was still largely composed of temporary hangars and workshops left over from World War I. Many were unsafe and costly to maintain.