unprotected in a sentence

An unprotected wireless network is extremely insecure.

I believe these batteries are both technically unprotected ?

Static electricity can instantly destroy unprotected electronic equipment.

He was having unprotected sex with another prisoner.

Numerous unprotected crossings however still limit maximum speeds on longer sections.

The rudder head and steering apparatus are left entirely unprotected .

This last area is characterized as ” unprotected “.

Directors were largely unprotected from enemy fire.

The product is sprayed directly onto the unprotected surface.

One security analyst said taking over unprotected personal accounts was easy.

The route is 35ft long and unprotected .

Its effect is similar to unprotected sun exposure.

They help prevent pregnancy after birth control failure or unprotected sex.

New growth that appears after treatment is unprotected .

The unprotected mice began to develop tumours after three months.

This meant flooding in any unprotected low lands.

This reduced the metal surface area unprotected by magnetic fields.

A part of the territory is unprotected .

The unit is showing us its unprotected flank.

She was immediately aware of her unprotected bare bottom.

There are some stable populations in unprotected areas.

Thermal burns represent injuries to an unprotected person.