unleash in a sentence

When they unleash their energy, it’s hard to resist – and when May sings “There’s a wild woman livin’ inside of me,” you believe her.

“It’s also a message to all the Western governments that ‘we have some of your own fighting with us and we can unleash them on you back home.’

He only needs one more child to unleash his army.

Him’s main power is the ability to unleash an evil black particles.

The ship’s enormous gates open to unleash a rain of demons on the base.

This provides them unlimited opportunities to unleash the power of the Internet.

Raiking can also unleash a combination attack with Tenku Maryu using the Giant Cutter.

Watching Antony unleash all his fury at the small boy, Atia finally tries to stop him.

Defeating the narwhal known as Master of Ocean will unleash Subier’s more powerful form.

However, this only served to unleash an anti-Catholic backlash in Friesland and Overijssel.

Monster reveled in his superior size, physical strength, and the destruction he could unleash.

During the first attack upon Baby Tooth, High Amiable would unleash his skills against Good Lob the Lobster.

This was intended to draw defenders towards him at a certain angle and help unleash his team mates into gaps.

We were afraid the thaw might unleash a flood, which we wouldn’t be able to control and which could drown us.

She also wants the Dreamstone, but to wear in her hair rather than to unleash nightmares on the unsuspecting world.

Generation 3: Textile Bot A spinning mule -like Attack bot able to unleash streams of yarn strings to immobilize enemies.

The Maori may have been deafened by the bombardment, but as soon as it ended they were able to unleash a devastating ambush.

Veltan came and warned the outlanders to reach safe ground as Yaltan was having a dream that was about to unleash a behemoth.