Ungainly in a sentence

use Ungainly in a sentence


1. [adjective] Lacking grace in movement or posture;Moving in a strange way;

The transport ships, fat, white, and ungainly in appearance, had been nicknamed ” spaceducks. “

Its head seemed quite small for its ungainly height.

The bike felt quite ungainly with such a wide heavy load on the rack but once underway it all balanced and ran smoothly.

The first radio receivers were ungainly wooden boxes bristling with switches and dials.

He was a big, ungainly man, well above six feet, must’ve weighed two hundred twenty pound.

You seem to have caught sight of one of the ungainly machines used to excavate Metro’s subway tunnels.

She took one last look at the ungainly creature, thinking for the first time that it was beautiful.

2. [adjective] Difficult to handle or manage especially because of shape;

Unfortunately, this ungainly technology requires massive computing power on the server to work properly.

The cello is a rather ungainly instrument for a small girl.