unfit in a sentence

That single room was unfit for human habitation.

The whole system is unfit for purpose.

My behaviour is thus far from unfit .

I am unfit and never practiced yoga before.

One candidate is dismissed early , declared unfit .

Generally he was feeling tired and unfit .

Male students burned down the barracks as unfit dormitories.

Other players may dispute that a ball is unfit .

Both schools had been categorized as unfit for purpose.

His divisional superior declared him ” unfit for brigade command”.

Twice she was ruled mentally unfit to stand trial.

Those who were judged unfit were sent to concentration camps.

Student who killed lecturer is unfit to appear.

This method of being satisfied is perverted and unfit .

Kaluga region implements targeted relocation programs from unfit housing facilities.

However, we are unfit to receive.

Hence this kite is generally considered as unfit for light winds.

It does not mean mindless loyalty to an unfit leadership.

Both are Bush campaign hacks given jobs they are unfit for.

However, they are less harsh to unfit mothers why?

Bad is being unpleasant or unfit for a chosen purpose.

The MCC subsequently declared the drug unfit for human consumption.

During this time nearly 300 men were unfit for duty.

So he who is unfit must strive even more.

Miller played, but was unfit to bowl.