Unfetter in a sentence

Use Unfetter in a sentence

Unfetter meaning and collocations;

Meaning: [verb] set free ;

But the freedoms guaranteed in our Constitution have never been unfettered.

Given a choice, people will demand the freedom to communicate wherever they are, unfettered by the infamous copper wire.

Photographers had nearly unfettered access to the Mexican Revolution.

Creativity is given free rein in the sub-conscious mind, unfettered as it can be from conventions and rules.

The mind, unfettered by the body and heart, creates violence unknowingly.

And guests must be able to sleep in a hotel, unfettered by concerns of danger.

Its nature is holistic, continuous, and free-associative, being unfettered by the necessities of verbal syntax.

Unfettered by government interference, they gradually emerged as powerful landlords and began influencing government policy.