unfazed in a sentence

1 He is sprayed with police gun fire but appears unfazed .

2 Lenin himself seemed unfazed by the killings.

3 The Vatican is unfazed by the possibility.

4 Most Republicans in D.C. seem unfazed by those problems .

5 Mousasi is unfazed but eats a leg kick.

6 Consumers seem unfazed by the state media ‘s attacks on Apple.

7 The townspeople, unfazed , continue to rush into the saloon.

8 Still, she said she is unfazed by the vote.

9 Unfazed , she readily agreed, to cheers and applause.

10 But in the background , unfazed , is the wife.

A campaign spokesman for Cruz, however, was unfazed by the research.

His aides insisted he was unfazed by all the fuss being made about him.

Wicary tweeted that Bruno seems “remarkably unfazed” after the 24-hour ordeal.

unfazed by his triumph, the actor joked: “Can I leave now before I ruin my record?”