unfaithful || in a sentence

He chided her for her unfaithfulness.

His accusation of unfaithfulness caused her a great deal of pain.

He is so devoted to his wife that he would never leave her even if she was unfaithful.

Orestes plotted with his sister Electra to punish their mother for being unfaithful to their father, Agamemnon.

There is a Saudi Arabian proverb which states that if a wife is unfaithful, then the husband is partly to blame.

A Chinese proverb suggests that the woman who deceives her husband makes her lover swear never to be unfaithful to her.

Adultery, being unfaithful in your marriage, is unacceptable to God.

“Humanity had gone astray from God, had become unfaithful to God, had sinned.

A former boxer and model, Martinez is best known for his role in the film “unfaithful.”