unexpected in a sentence

I allow for the unexpected.

We had unexpected visitors.

He met an unexpected obstacle.

An unexpected result was arrived at.

The unexpected often happens in life.

We met with an unexpected difficulty.

I was amazed at the unexpected result.

We should provide for unexpected events.

They exulted in their unexpected success.

Some unexpected difficulties have arisen.

He was perplexed at the unexpected result.

My proposal met with unexpected opposition.

Careful as he was he made unexpected mistakes.

Careful as he was, he made an unexpected mistake.

People were bewildered by the unexpected situation.

I blinked in amazement at the unexpected development.

I was at a loss how to answer his unexpected question.

When I first met him, I was taken aback by his unexpected question.

Barring any unexpected delays, we should be able to catch the ten o’clock train.

Since unexpected incidents occurred one after another, the exhibition was called off.

Jim Bishop once suggested that death is as casual, and often as unexpected, as birth.

I regret that I will be unable to meet you on February owing to an unexpected matter.

Julius Caesar once commented, “Which death is preferable to every other? The unexpected.

To believe that an unexpected big fortune will come your way is to build a castle in Spain.

Jim’s promotion was totally unexpected, given that the guy is the laziest person in the office.