unexamined in a sentence

A published, unexamined Japanese patent application.

A lot of this stuff is just unexamined cant.

Other facts seem to be unexamined or overlooked.

That ecology was balanced became an unexamined and unscientific assumption.

Ironically , this unexamined sense of certainty makes their faith vulnerable.

Its wrong that Pedro’s case has gone unexamined since January.

Old unexamined assumptions…decisions are made using economics as the basis.

Environmental education for adults and environmental education in rural areas remains unexamined .

Or it’s like leading an unexamined life.

Of these 130 ASPs, approximately 120 still remain unexamined .

Even the notion of Establishment in the title goes unexamined .

Men who say this have left a few things unexamined .

Progressively every unexamined subjection to received ideas is identified as oppressive.

It is about rejecting an uncritical and unexamined belief in progress.

These largely unexamined cultural assumptions might explain why historians insist history must be written.

Consequences were unexamined for 15 years.

These articles remain unexamined by historians.

This is only one of many unexamined assumptions which perhaps merit re-examination.

Once abandoned, Bibracte remained undisturbed and unexamined until discovered by modern archaeology.

I agree that Larry shouldn’t be mastered by misplaced or unexamined emotions.

The disparity between the two numbers has led to a backlog of unexamined applications.

Such is the power of received ideas and unexamined assumptions when they become institutionalized .

Broader regional developments go largely unexamined .

X-rays of unexamined lumps of earth suggest that there are more to be revealed.

Instead, the letter and the Lost Cause justification are showcased and left unexamined .