uneasy in a sentence

The news of the air accident left me uneasy.

She felt uneasy at the thought of her future.

His words made me feel uneasy about my future.

The thought of her going alone left me uneasy.

Find someone who feels uneasy when flying.

She felt uneasy when the children did not come home.

He did not appear at all, which made her very uneasy.

When he saw her letter, he felt somewhat uneasy.

An uneasy truce has put a temporary halt to the conflict.

Most people feel a little uneasy during a dental check-up.

Shakespeare wrote, “uneasy lies the head that wears a crown.

The old man gave me a queer look that made me a little uneasy.

There was something about her voice that made us feel uneasy.

It made him uneasy that someone might find out any second what he was hiding.

She was obviously uneasy during the take off, and kept checking her seatbelt.

He woke from an uneasy sleep, and decided to go for a walk to calm his nerves.

She felt a little uneasy about how best to approach her boss about the problem.

The politician looked uneasy when questioned about his knowledge of the scandal.

She kept walking about the room.

She seemed too uneasy to sit still.

An old proverb notes that he that is uneasy at every little pain is never without some ache.