unduly in a sentence

None is neglected and none unduly favoured.

Evidently the firemen had been unduly prompt!

An unduly high proportion of such families were black.

The second objection is that children are unduly influenced by others.

Nor are procedural controls likely to interfere unduly with risk taking.

Honestly you are putting your great club down unduly .

The judge agreed that it was unduly lenient.

They may be unduly withdrawn or subdued.

Self evaluation is unduly influenced by body shape and weight.

Everyone thinks that teenagers are unduly influenced by peer pressure.

That strikes me as an unduly negative approach.

The Government are making a mistake unduly to curtail debate.

Other members view this as an unduly delayed reaction.

This is probably an unduly sweeping comment to make.

As it happened, these estimates were unduly pessimistic.

The news did not seem to bother him unduly .

Benedict did not appear to be unduly concerned.

The thought did not seem to disturb him unduly .