undisturbed in a sentence

The undisturbed water makes green streaks among the foam.

The carpet where he lay was undisturbed .

It then runs through almost undisturbed nature.

As a result environmental balance remains undisturbed .

They had been undisturbed till they were found.

Without hunting seasons, animals breed undisturbed .

Memory foam mattress promises quality, undisturbed sleep.

Soil sampled in this manner is considered undisturbed .

The winter passed undisturbed by the doctor.

Allow to dry undisturbed for 24 hours.

Thus they lived for ten thousand years undisturbed .

We trust your sleep was serene and undisturbed ?

The remnants of his active lifestyle lie undisturbed .

Even more surprising is that most are undisturbed .

The Germans continued their retreat relatively undisturbed .

Under undisturbed natural conditions, phosphorus is in short supply.

It is a regulatory preference that the wetlands are kept undisturbed .

Some hospitalized patients may eat only when alone and undisturbed .

But it was best to leave her undisturbed .

There the 1% demands to be undisturbed .

We were glad to have our seclusion undisturbed .

Learning to remain undisturbed is also a skill unto itself.

He returned two days later to find the ammunition boxes undisturbed .

Hundreds of rare and unique species of wild flowers flourish undisturbed .

In fact, it was undisturbed throughout the riots.