underwater in a sentence

One underwater plate pushed against another plate.

New technologies allow extremely fast underwater travel.

Several competitive underwater sports are practiced without breathing apparatus.

For underwater ship hulls bottom paints are applied.

The original second act is set entirely underwater .

The casually dressed men sipping coffee underwater ?

underwater life is equally protected and tranquil.

We quickly ran into another group underwater .

The infant was simply held underwater until it was dead.

What kind of underwater life is found down below?

They were documented using a remotely operated underwater vehicle.

His nets caught something underwater and were damaged.

The visual impression is of being underwater .

They evolved into becoming underwater missile platforms.

The cave is approached through an underwater passage.

underwater tidal turbines are propelled by tidal currents.

Submarine nets and underwater mines protected many harbor entrances.

underwater acoustic propagation depends on many factors.

Submarine eruptions are eruptions that occur underwater .

Diving signals – used to communicate underwater .

Early versions were inflated by mouth underwater .