undertook in a sentence

On June 17, 1789, during the French Revolution, the Third Estate declared itself a national assembly, and undertook to frame a constitution.

Smith and his team undertook some serious surgery to the side.

Pattie Menzies undertook a thorough makeover of the residence.

They undertook a successful tour of the UK the following month.

He undertook to find out exactly why the area is called Stirling.

Listed below are the material collaborations that Nuvelo undertook.

Stewart and her husband undertook the entire venture by themselves.

Later Pedro duke of Coimbra undertook extensive works in the castle.

H.D. married twice, and undertook a number of lesbian relationships.

I thank you personally as a friend that you undertook this walk with me.”

The 17th Lord Petre was not yet of age and so trustees undertook the work.

She also undertook many public and private commissions of great diversity.

Another activity he undertook in his older age was breeding different plants.

Moreover, the Soviet Government undertook to pay an indemnity to the Germans.

In 1839 he undertook a new edition of Brown’s Self-interpreting Bible, (1855).

He undertook walks in the Vatican gardens, at times taking along his visitors.

The groupman discussed common interests and undertook some cooperative activities.