understandable | in a sentence

His anger is understandable.

There are numerous dialects spoken in Madagascar, but they are all mutually understandable.

Good doctors explain things to patients in easily understandable ways, using anatomical models and such.

Barry hasn’t been doing a very good job at work lately, but I think we have to recognize that this is understandable, given the circumstances of his wife’s illness.

Our smile, which is understandable in the context of Japanese culture, sometimes causes a lot of confusion and is notorious among foreign people as a mysterious smile.

476533 Maybe I got a little tight and that’s understandable I think.

Inaba: It’s understandable for them to take it personally sometimes.

So it’s understandable the government would throw some money at them.

It is understandable why we focus so much attention on the president.

The central banks’ reluctance to speak out on this topic is understandable.

542138 Ordinary Iranians’ desire to reach a pact with the West is understandable.

Still, other Kurdish groups are understandablely uneasy over Erdogan’s real designs.

And yet the slump has been understandable, given the turnover, injuries and upheaval.

So while “Ebola fatigue” is understandable, it’s also potentially extremely dangerous.

128525 But it did have an easily understandable concept of creating affordable housing.

That won’t give you stunning smartphone photography, but for the price it’s understandable.

Then they were told, for really understandable reasons, that adoptions in Liberia were suspended.

However, delivering a great user experience that is understandable and repeatable is key, he says.

It then sends automatically generated reports to the companies, in simple, understandable language.

Bala said it is understandable that people are emotional but adds much is not known about the case.

A lot of the community members do show support and try to make things understandable for us officers.