undershirt in a sentence

Large build, short hair and a beard, wearing a grey sweater with a white undershirt and blue jeans.

He put on his undershirt inside out.

Johnson lifted his jersey, revealing “Happy New Year” written on his undershirt.

In season one, Marc wears an unbuttoned Weinerville baseball jersey with a green undershirt.

Marines most often wear a green undershirt with their utilities, while most Army units wear a sand-colored shirt.

I wore one yesterday, but it was as an undershirt.

He was wearing a gray button-up sweater with black stripes around both sleeves at the time, and he had on dark pants and a white undershirt.

Dan also wears a black undershirt like Ryo.

He wears a green vest over a yellow undershirt.

These were a crew-necked, short-sleeved, white cotton undershirt to be worn under a uniform.