Underscore in a sentence

Use Underscore in a sentence

Underscore meaning and collocations;

Meaning: [verb]to emphasize, underline ;

My ESL instructor underscores learning vocabulary in context, rather than simply memorizing definitions.

The teacher underscored to the children the importance of being polite to each other.

During the election, the Prime Minister underscored his government’s record in supporting social programs.

The Paris attacks underscore the fact that we need a new security debate in Europe.

This mining disaster underscores how important water is to life.

This situation continues to underscore the importance of getting vaccinated.

The prosecutor’s decision underscores the need to amend Washington state law.

But Obama’s separate meeting with the Saudis underscores the desert kingdom’s critical role.

This article underscores the contribution of civilians to reducing cyber crime.

The Obama administrations underscores that these sanctions are separate from the nuclear agreement.

I think that the tragic events of the last few days just underscore how important that co-operation is, she said.

Apple Music, on the other hand, combines a range of features that underscore how complex online music has become.