Undermine in a sentence

Use Undermine in a sentence

Undermine meaning and collocations;

Meaning: [verb] to gradually damage something or someone ;

The boss undermined his confidence by constantly criticizing his every little mistake.

Your continued inability to quit smoking will only undermine our efforts to treat your heart disease.

Attempts by the government of Thailand to upgrade medical services in the country have been undermined by the emigration of doctors to more highly-paid practices in the West.

The party’s poor showing in the election has seriously undermined support for the current leader.

I felt totally undermined when my co-worker went to my boss to complain about my work without speaking to me first.

Failing this next test will seriously undermine your chances of getting accepted into a good university next year.

It was once suggested that rock ‘n’ roll is part of a pest to undermine the morals of the youth of our nation.

The North Vietnamese used guerrilla warfare to undermine the superior military strength of the Americans.

The Buddha wondered if people would ever be interested in a teaching that undermines their whole sense of existence at the root.