undergoing in a sentence

Sister ship HMS Thunderer was undergoing repairs.

These city walls are currently undergoing renovations.

The high school is currently undergoing a major uplift.

The Apter Rov’s shul is currently undergoing renovation.

Controversies and Disputes The temple undergoing repairs.

China Chinese undergoing training for the AP1000 reactor.

Currently a new variant is undergoing the approval process.

All of China’s major ports are undergoing some construction.

The car is currently undergoing restoration in Pennsylvania.

Design A B-36 airframe undergoing structural stability tests.

He returned to Puerto Rico, undergoing further physical therapy.

She then spent March and April undergoing repairs and alterations.

Nowadays, the city is undergoing rapid development and modernization.

Labour force The Russian labour force is undergoing tremendous changes.

The zoo reopened in summer 2007 after undergoing extensive renovations.

Throughout most of December, she remained at Pearl Harbor undergoing repairs.

She spent September and October undergoing extensive repairs alongside Vulcan.

In his own way he was undergoing a kind of lay renunciation of worldly pleasures.

Right now about 50 disabled children are undergoing the process of rehabilitation.