underdeveloped in a sentence

The post-war generation are educationally underdeveloped.

Has an underdeveloped emotion grid and follows orders literally.

Dependency Theory argues that development is impossible for the underdeveloped.

Many underdeveloped countries have few, if any, requirements for communication of hazards.

At the age of 21 he left home to go to the North Travancore which was an underdeveloped area.

The new link to Gwadar port will open up underdeveloped areas of Balochistan for development.

Rural Indians are long neglected where their constituencies are usually flooded out and underdeveloped.

This is expected to create 2 500 new jobs in the otherwise economically underdeveloped Kecskemét region.

Litter sizes are usually small, ranging from 1-13 young, which are born with underdeveloped eyes and ears.

“We, politely referred to as ‘underdeveloped‘, in truth are colonial, semi-colonial or dependent countries.

She feels that her body is underdeveloped, so she is constantly depressed and jealous of her more developed classmates.

The economy, which was increasingly oriented toward trade with the United States, remained dependent and underdeveloped.

The livestock and poultry sectors are relatively underdeveloped and have potential for modernization, development and growth.

His ‘ask for help reflex’ might have been underdeveloped at the start, but his instinct to offer help was always part of him.

Otherwise, such rights have usually only been granted in isolated instances where the domestic air network is very underdeveloped.

900443 As such, it gives way for the perpetuation of Western dominance over such underdeveloped nations, in a neocolonialist fashion.

The countries that are now fully developed have never been underdeveloped in the first place, though they might have been undeveloped.