uncover in a sentence

How many new sites were uncovered?

Investigators uncovered an assassination plot.

The Opposition says they have uncovered a lot of dirt on the Prime Minister.

British police have uncovered an assassination plot against the Prime Minister.

The camera footage they uncovered exceeded all of their expectations.

‘This thin red line’ Then in 1980, winds and tides uncovered it again.

Ben Knight meets the man who uncovered the German judiciary’s Nazi past.

The information that Alexa has uncovered is shot directly to the screen.

He said he saw her face for just a few seconds when guards uncovered it.

We have found over 50 new sites that have been uncovered by the flooding.

805354 The study couldn’t uncover the reasons for overzealous A1C testing.

Authorities expect more charges as the investigation uncovers information.

That could change if the new NHTSA probe uncovers new and broader probleMs.
When I called to tell her about what we uncovered, she said she didn’t care.

Then the lawyers poke and pry and pick, trying to uncover the secret agendas.

uncover and continue baking until the cauliflower is tender, 15 to 20 minutes.

Mathis told reporters no evidence of criminal behavior had been uncovered so far.

Archaeologists uncovered the church ruins during an excavation in Jamestown in 2010.

The treasures that have been uncovered up to now are dwarfed by those still untapped.

We have uncovered cases of beaten, tortured and abused prisoners, disclosed Gannushkina.

But he didn’t expect he’d uncover silver treasure dating back to the time of the Vikings.

A subsequent search of Fleury’s home uncovered 22 guns police say were improperly stored.

After the brief conversation she “did a little digging” and uncovered the YouTube channel.

Anonymous said Saturday it gave all of the evidence it uncovered to authorities “days ago.”

Satellites uncovered chatter between militants in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula and Syria, it said.