uncomfortable in a sentence

I always feel uncomfortable providing such economic accountability.

That uncomfortable question has faced many investors.

Tabitha gets even more uncomfortable standing inside.

Many moments leave the audience feeling uncomfortable .

But old men made him acutely uncomfortable .

There is a very uncomfortable pressure lower.

I am beginning to feel physically uncomfortable .

And plenty of students are uncomfortable during investigations.

Putting off difficult or uncomfortable tasks is always tempting.

There is something uncomfortable about such relationships.

Having a product killed is extremely uncomfortable .

The wait had been getting a tad uncomfortable .

The poor dog looked hot and uncomfortable .

Being inside the bay was becoming very uncomfortable .

There are many ways to feel uncomfortable .

A finger injury can cause uncomfortable swelling.

She was starting to feel very uncomfortable .

He appeared visibly uncomfortable throughout the skit.

Both varieties are normally uncomfortable to ride.

Lucille suddenly felt very shabby and uncomfortable .

Chris has looked decidedly uncomfortable against runners and awkward opponents.

Has your research ever made gun control advocates uncomfortable ?

Google feels very uncomfortable filtering these results .

That means lengthy and usually uncomfortable treatment.

So maybe me being uncomfortable is unfounded .