Unanticipated in a sentence

use Unanticipated in a sentence

Your budget should include a certain percentage for unanticipated costs.

We should be able to complete the report by Monday, barring any unanticipated problems.

However, unanticipated difficulties may arise as they do in all major change programs.

The unanticipated problems were caused by two factors.

Helpdesk support on simple or unanticipated problems is completely free of charge.

There have been one or two unanticipated, but pleasant, surprises in changing to fully digital image recording.

Many find any unplanned or unanticipated change in the expected routine hard to handle.

This could result in many unanticipated, irreversible problems leading to food shortages and large scale health threats.

Merchandisers often work extra hours in response to a store’s demands or unanticipated production difficulties.