Unaffected in a sentence

The company has been largely unaffected by the downturn in the economy.

She was quite unaffected by the death of her husband.

The price of rice – a staple food in Asia and parts of Africa – has so far been unaffected.

The subway system was largely unaffected by the floods but was swamped with people desperate to get home and unable to use cars, buses or taxis.

Germany’s biggest bank said its business was unaffected.

It’s hard to be unaffected by the circus of speculation surrounding them.

Red Cross is also asking that people in unaffected areas donate blood.

They say other parking areas around the stadium have been unaffected by the incident and will be open for that game.

The organization’s main home page appeared unaffected by the attacks.

You are sitting comfortably unaffected by these kinds of actions.

If profitability is unaffected, shareholders aren’t getting hurt.