unacceptable || in a sentence

Some people find it unacceptable to do medical research on animals.

It is socially unacceptable for women to be assertive in my culture.

Many people think scientific experimentation on animals is unacceptable.

Restricting access to pornography is seen by some as unacceptable censorship.

The proposition that women are the weaker sex is simply unacceptable in today’s society.

Racist comments against others are totally unacceptable, no matter what the circumstances.

Continued child poverty in this country is an outrage and is unacceptable in a country as wealthy as ours.

His writing style is simple and bland, okay for short newspaper articles, but totally unacceptable for a novel.

Failing to acknowledge help that has been offered is a real discourtesy, and is simply unacceptable in polite company.

Conditions at the company changed drastically after a report was published suggesting that it was exposing its workers to unacceptable hazards.

So-called supernatural phenomena, such as clairvoyance, and ESP have never survived the empirical test, and are, therefore, unacceptable to the scientific mind.

Abdurrahman Mohamed Shalgem once said that it is unacceptable to label as terrorism the struggle of peoples to protect themselves or to attain their independence.

David Suzuki once remarked that poverty and the unacceptable inequities in distribution of wealth, both between and within countries, lie at the heart of violence and terror.

Adultery, being unfaithful in your marriage, is unacceptable to God.

It is unacceptable,” Ban said in an interview with Spanish newspapers.

Secret Service chief: No gate crash, but late reporting ‘unacceptable

Such behavior is unacceptable and we want it eradicated from the game.

Mr Abe said the threat was unacceptable and vowed to save the hostages.

The two turnovers were unacceptable, Ohio State coach Thad Matta quipped.

313839 Hundreds o … Serbia called the new Hungarian rules unacceptable“”.”

President Obama said on Twitter, “Violence against police is unacceptable.

In this case, Brittney and Glory failed to do so, and that is unacceptable.

We also believe the secrecy surrounding it is unnecessary and unacceptable.

Hug described the attack as “unacceptable” and called for an investigation.

773672 The racism inherent in his actions is unacceptable,”” Gonzales said.”