ubiquitous in a sentence

Religious life was ubiquitous in medieval society.

Organic oxygen compounds are ubiquitous in organic chemistry.

Slow motion is ubiquitous in modern filmmaking .

Concern about excessive domestic spying is politically ubiquitous .

In humans, zinc plays ” ubiquitous biological roles”.

The ubiquitous Franco often proves strangely elusive .

Even the ubiquitous internal combustion engine has had its competitors.

Today this technology is ubiquitous in industrialized countries.

This ubiquitous enzyme is particularly abundant in the liver.

JavaScript is already ubiquitous in the browsers.

Stories on the national debt are ubiquitous .

I just thought those types of issues were ubiquitous .

It is just another of those ubiquitous mental models.

The most prevalent example is the ubiquitous bus stop.

Salt was ubiquitous and indispensable in medieval cooking.

Her presence on the classical music scene was ubiquitous .

This list covers the most ubiquitous terminology.

The postwar cult of personality had two ubiquitous icons.

They are now also ubiquitous throughout computing.

Hydrogen is an ubiquitous element on earth.

Companies need technological solutions that are ubiquitous and without barrier.

Android has a modern user interface and is becoming ubiquitous .

The search technology is ubiquitous and creates personal relationships with consumers .

Tests of the emergency broadcast system were ubiquitous .

These ubiquitous media constitute our consumer and brand environment.