tweet in a sentence

Nigel Farage tweeted that he was “shocked and saddened” by the news.

A DZBB radio reporter tweeted pictures of passengers in wheelchairs.

Or not,” tweeted Debra Birnbaum, the executive TV editor for Variety.

Commitment honoured, promise respected, Renzi tweeted after the vote.

It enlisted celebrities, including Kate Upton, to tweet at the mayor.

If Claire Danes does an interview with a magazine, I will tweet that.

896902 Way to make your team & city proud,”” the department tweeted.”

Based on the tweet, will there be enhancements to the new Start Menu?

No joke,” Hollywood Reporter writer Borys Kit tweeted from the event.

Carly Fiorina used similar language, tweeting that “I mourn with you.

Why not tell me when I am booking my ticket?” he tweeted in response.

Vatican spokesman @tweetingPriest on controversy over Junipero Serra.

Her first tweet as governor came just after 5 p.m. Day 1 in the books.

Besides Agence France-Presse, Reuters also tweeted this breaking news.

It was retweeted and favorited over 2,000 times within the first hour.

Both Psaki and Earnest tweeted clarifications of their comments later.

426309 I tweeted my objections and was joined by a torrent of support.

Try using your last name & don’t be ashamed of it!” he tweeted Friday.

547924 Our team is removing that function,”” Calgary Transit tweeted.”

Example tweet: If you’re RUMBUMPTIOUS then you’re pompous and haughty.

136734 But the city needs a more clever solution than live-tweeting it.

As can be expected, the most relevant tweets are curt and to-the-point.

I’m so ready,” tweeted Shane Dawson, well known for his YouTube videos.

824912 They also sent out a tweet welcoming Jordan back to Los Angeles.

Terrorist attack repelled by the military in Biu, the military tweeted.