turn away in a sentence

1 Consumers are turning away from credit cards.

2 The separation or turning away brought evil.

3 Cars are turned away when parking is full.

4 Many outstanding applicants are turned away each year.

5 Gabriel turned away and walked sadly home.

6 Rex turned away and was violently sick.

7 She turned away to light another cigarette.

8 She turns away while Tony keeps punching.

9 In 1831 another French envoy was turned away .

10 Katherine turned away quickly, suddenly chilled.

11 She turned away , suddenly very still.

12 A love interest encouraging you to turn away .

13 Man has turned away from this law.

14 And of course they were turned away .

15 Anne turned away from the party room.

16 Now we must turn away from conflict.

17 He had been turned away from several houses and badly treated.

18 Every year thousands of qualified students are turned away .

19 Belinda turned away to hide her flushed cheeks.

20 I tried to make myself turn away .