turbulent in a sentence

Beyond this point the wake collapses and turbulent mixing occurs.

1960-1970 The 1960s were a “turbulent” decade in the history of UTS.

Examples of turbulence Laminar and turbulent flow of cigarette smoke.

Atassi’s second term in office was even more turbulent than his first.

She would know a turbulent history, and was never put to her intended use.

The 1950s were a turbulent time for fraternities and sororities in general.

The finale of the ride is a long dark tunnel before a turbulent splash pool.

These are intended to create turbulent flow in certain areas around the body.

Holman p.204 In the mean time, England entered a turbulent period in its history.

The first couple of years of operation under the Schools Authority were turbulent.

Background The play is set in 1971 – a turbulent time in Australian history and society.

In turbulent flow, unsteady vortices appear on many scales and interact with each other.

The introduction of the Dolomite came at a turbulent time for BL and Triumph in particular.