– -Tube – – in a sentence

He squeezed the toothpaste out of a tube.

We need to buy another tube of toothpaste.

The doctor inserted a tube in the patient’s nose for oxygen.

Something is caught in the vacuum tube and I can’t clean the carpet.

I can’t believe you paid $15 for that small tube of face moisturizer.

I have to buy a new inner tube for my bicycle because my tire is flat.

We’re going to stay home, and watch the hockey game on the tube tonight.

We put a cardboard tube in our pet hedgehog’s cage for her to play with.

Just before the surgery began, a tube was inserted into the patient’s nose.

The kids had a wonderful time getting towed around the lake in an inner tube.

A Filipino proverb states that if a bamboo tube makes a loud sound, it is empty.

I bought a handy little pocket-sized tube of toothpaste to take when we go camping.

Corinne bought a trial-sized tube of make-up to see if it was the color she wanted.

There is a Japanese proverb which notes that you can’t see the whole sky through a bamboo tube.

He was lying unconscious in his hospital bed, and had to be fed through a tube inserted in his nose.

Astronaut John Glenn ate the first meal in space when he ate applesauce squeezed from a tube aboard a rocket in 1962.

In 1962, astronaut John Glenn ate the first meal in space when he ate applesauce squeezed from a tube aboard a spaceship.



Haldeman observed that once the toothpaste is out of the tube, it is awfully hard to get it back in.

Successful alternatives to testing drugs on animals include test tube studies on human tissue cultures, statistics and computer models.

Read More The Hyperloop works by creating low pressure inside a tube.

The King was given a breathing-aid tube temporarily, the report said.

After you finished a piece, it entered the system in a pneumatic tube.

How do you get attention on You tube when there are two billion videos?

Finally, she could eat food for the first time without the use of a tube.