tsunami in a sentence

The tsunami warnings came three minutes later.

This system collects vital ocean data for tsunami forecasting.

tsunami warning was issued but waves observed were small.

One very large tsunami occurred in 2004.

tsunami then claimed 46 additional lives.

The dementia tsunami is coming, fast .

Are waves perfect when a tsunami appears?

How animals sensed the tsunami and man was clueless.

The momentum is like a tsunami wave.

tsunami is often confused with a tidal wave.

Both resorts published tsunami updates on their websites.

The 2004 tsunami is the deadliest in recorded history.

A rogue wave is distinct from a tsunami .

The tsunami wave was reported to be 20 ft high.

The settlement was completely obliterated by the tsunami .

The region is subject to earthquakes and tsunami .

Japan tsunami and earthquake video 2011 share video archive for .