Truant in a sentence

Use Truant in a sentence

Truant ;

Meaning: [noun] a student absent without permission;

The two became friends and often played truant together.

My father beat me almost black and blue for playing truant from school.

It is bad news when youngsters begin to play truant from school.

At school they were showing their displeasure by truanting in ever-increasing numbers.

Donnelly tells him that Sherrod is on the truant list.

The truants are questioned by education officers, and often their parents too.

A police squad has been out on the streets rounding up school truants.

Liam starts truanting from school and is brought home to Bianca by the police.

Truant children often use their bus or lunch money to get into the centres.

Dexter then truants from school to meet her, but she remains uninterested.

Solanas disliked her stepfather and began rebelling against her mother, becoming a truant.