troops in a sentence

The resulting crash severely wounded three airborne troops .

Her embarked troops went ashore against slight resistance.

Yet independent reports indicated far more troops .

Several days passed before troops restored full order.

Transport capacity is 3 + 14 troops .

Special operations troops probably numbered around 40.

These war dogs were used against barely clothed troops .

Additional 86 troops deployed since summer 2011.

Your troops are entirely surrounded – stop fighting!

He had seen too many troops already.

This caused much amusement among the troops .

The narrow woods road was clogged with troops .

The pair came along inspecting the troops .

The troops had reached the forbidden zone.

The next part was organising the troops .

To inspire loyalty really motivates the troops .

A battalion generally numbers between 500 and 800 troops .

Our troops on either flank stood firm.

I forget how many troops were here.

Few troops were concentrated where most needed.

The remaining troops were relocated to another barracks.